The Borden Mortuary Group is a company made up of three embalming services, one cremation service (with 2 retorts), and a supply company. We currently have 11 licensed embalmers with a total of 20 employees.

Our Indiana office operates under the name Borden Mortuary Service. The office is located in Scottsburg, Indiana and was the first branch of the company opened by Tim Borden in 1995. Borden Mortuary Service serves funeral homes in all aspects of funeral service.

Our Louisville office operates under the name of TIES (Totally Independent Embalming Service). TIES was purchased in 1998 and is annually Kentucky's largest volume mortuary service. We are surrounded by all of Louisville's major hospitals. The Kentucky State Medical Examiners office and Louisville International Airport are within 5 miles of our facility.

Borden Mortuary Supply was started in 1999; it operates out of our Louisville office providing quality mortuary supplies to Funeral Homes at discount prices. We also sell mortuary cots. Call or email for more information.

Borden Cremation Service was founded in 2002; our cremation service offers quality service to Funeral homes only. In May of 2005 we purchased a second retort in order to keep up with the demand of the industry.

Our Lexington office operates under the name of KMS (Kentucky Mortuary Service). Purchased in June 2003, KMS is a full service mortuary service serving Funeral Homes in all aspects of the business. KMS offers cremation services to Funeral Homes through our Louisville crematory.

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